Craft’s Lane

With its vibrant art & craft scene and weekend craft markets, Craft’s Lane offers the perfect springboard for artists and crafters showcasing a variety of clothing, jewellery, shoes, toys and much more!


Mini Klub

Miniclub was born in 2013 as a unique initiative by First Steps Babywear Pvt Ltd. Our range of apparel is inspired by the free-spirited fun and curiosity of childhood. We’re a fast growing brand with over 600 stores across India.

Smily Kiddo

Smily Kiddos is the world’s cutest kids stationary company, offering a wide range of luxury designer brands in the United States, Canada, India, and the United Arab Emirates. With their enticing shapes, brilliant colours, and stylistic appeal, our items not only suit children’s stationary needs, but also offer them with a gadget to be proud of and enjoy.