Apsara Ice Creams

Premium handcrafted ice creams. Since 1971.


We are McRennett, one of India’s oldest Bakery & Confectionery Brands, based in Chennai. We manufacture and retail a comprehensive range of Bakery and Confectionery Products including Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Biscuits, Short Eats like Puffs, Croissants, Danish Pastries, Tarts, Muffins, Donuts, Macarons, etc. We have a rich legacy of serving our customers faithfully for close to 120 years. We pride ourselves on serving our Customers, who come from all walks of life! While we don’t compromise on quality of products, we price our products reasonably so as to ensure accessibility to all. McRennett’s quality products are available at 47 retail outlets located across Chennai,
served by our manufacturing units.

The Belgian Waffle Co

If we were to look back at the one precise moment when The Belgian Waffles Co sprung to life, it was when Shrey, while on a food experimentation spree while working internationally, stumbled upon this delectable, symmetrically-patterned and unique dessert cuisine that he couldn’t wait to take back with him to his country. He carefully packaged this idea and took it back with him all the way to India, where it eventually unfolded itself and took the form of the popular food franchise, The Belgian Waffle Co. Owned and operated by Bloombay Enterprises LLP, The Belgian Waffles Co was founded in 2015, with its foundations firmly built on the values of excellence, simplicity and affordability.

Today, with 200+ stores across 55+ Indian cities, the Belgian waffle franchise is the recipient of prestigious awards, including the Franchisor of the Year “Dessert Category” award and the “Asia Food Innovation Awards”

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is one of India’s largest grocery chains, delivering scrumptious and amusing sweets. Thanks to a dedicated team of experts with experience in the consumer products and hospitality industries, Baskin Robbins has become the world’s most famous ice cream brand.






Customers can select from a variety of ultra quality smooth and fluffy ice cream flavours that are hand-folded on a frozen marble slab and topped with nuts, bananas, candies, sweets, and fudge additives.